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Click here to register, or download the car2go app. You need to upload a picture of your Chinese driving license and a profile photo.

Open the car2go app and you can find nearby available cars and their fuel status. Of course, you can also reserve a car 30 minutes before you want to drive.

    Click “Start Rental” and enter the PIN code and password to start your car2go experience.

    TIPS: Please check the car’s condition before starting the trip. For any questions, please call us on 4008-668-1037.

    You can make stopovers wherever you want. Please make sure that you keep the rental status on your phone, bring the key with you and lock the door properly. Trip time will continue to accumulate during a stopover.

      Simply return the keys to the holder, follow the instructions on the touchscreen, and close all doors and windows. The windshield display unit will count down from 15 to zero. After 15 seconds, the vehicle will completely lock and end your trip. It's that easy!

        No need to return the car to the starting point

        One of the great features of car2go is that you don't have to return the car to your original starting point. Just go wherever you want and take as long as you like. To stop the trip period, just park the car in an approved parking space within the home area.

        Arrive with a clear conscience

        Make sure that you bring your personal belongings with you and keep the car clean. One more request: keep your car2go as clean as possible, so that the next driver can also enjoy it.

        Free parking

        You can leave the vehicle in any car2go approved parking space within the Home Area. It is free!

        Currently, you can park car2go in two types of parking spaces: public parking spaces and car2go exclusive parking spaces.

        Chongqing Municipal public parking place

        Vehicles of car2go can park in all temporary public parking spaces. It includes several Districts and major business areas.

        For more information, please review our home area map before your trip.

        P.S. Free parking is only for parking lanes spaces. Any parking space with a baffle is not included.

        car2go exclusive parking place

        car2go also offers exclusive free parking space to our members. With close cooperation of our partners, car2go free parking area is continuously enlarging.

        For details, please refer to our home area map.

        Airport goes car2go

        Airport special parking is already open.

        car2go to airport will be more convenient, more free to book it when you land.

        Go around the airport, car2go is the best choice for you.

        car2go special parking is located at Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport, T2B underground park.

          Different from other airport park,we will not charge any fee for car2go parking.

          It will be relax no matter drive in or out the airport.

          Let's see it in the APP!