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Mobility for a reasonable price

When you get going with a car2go, you only pay when you use it. Our pricing plan is based on time and mileage of your trip.

No monthly fees or rental subscription packages. No extra charge for parking, fuel, insurance, maintenance, or cleaning.

car2go is always on the go. But our prices stay consistent!

Other fees and charges

car2go is there for everybody and yet, in a car2go, you should feel as if you were in your own car.

We are dedicated to providing high-quality service for all of our members. And we want to ask you to carefully follow our rules.

Naturally, things can go wrong. That’s why we share with you the costs occasioned by improper use.




Registration Fee99 RMB
Life-long membership once registered. No return or refund for registration fee.

Lost Key5000 RMBIncludes damage or lose of key or key box.

Lost Car Documents500 RMB
Includes Vehicle License,Parking Card (if applicable), insurance Card, Customer Handbook, Accident Kit, Vehicle Registration

Excessive Cleaning Required200 RMB
Cleaning beyond normal scope: stains, smoke, pet hair, etc. (additional expense)

Unauthorized Parking200 RMB
car2go parked in unauthorized area, requiring car2go handling of the vehicle

100 RMB + actual towing charges

Processing fee plus actual costs of tow, storage and/or citation

Processing for Tickets / Violations
200 RMB + actual ticket charges

Processing fee plus actual ticket amount owed; Handling fee 200 RMB in one month, 500 RMB after 1 month since notification.
Vehicle Lay-off100 RMB/Day, 1000 RMB in maximumVehicle lay-off caused by member misuse

Unlocked / Unsecured car200 RMB
Car left unlocked, windows down, tailgate open, etc.

Invoice Delivery20 RMB
Delivery fee when invoice amount is less than 200 RMB