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Hello Chongqing!

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Simply. Always. Everywhere.

Get in. Go. Park.

It is as simple as that.

With car2go, you can go anywhere, anytime.

What’s up, Chongqing?

car2go gets Chongqing going: The mountain city is leading its way in transportation innovations. Now it has also become the first city in Asia to welcome the debut of car2go: a fresh new way of urban mobility.

Nowadays, you can put a lot of stuff “into” your smartphone: TV, radio, wallet…

With car2go, you will be able to carry your car in the phone!

Are you ready?

I love you, Chongqing!

car2go makes transportation flexible. Get in and out wherever you like. Drive as long and as often as you want. It's fun and helps the environment.

We would like to help users to experience spontaneity on wheels, and introduce a new form of urban lifestyle to the passionate city of Chongqing.

Let’s have fun!

car2go is born in the era of internet and embraces the spirit of car sharing. We are devoted to redefining the concepts of mobility, creativity and dynamism.

It is our belief that the flourish of car2go will bring joy to both our users and urban life. Welcome to join us and be part of this exciting change!